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Why Dragons?

I’ve read a lot of dragon stories. From Middle-Earth to Earth-sea, from the skies of Pern to the desert of Saphier. They’re big, bad, colorful and breathe fire. Very obvious and eye-catching. They also have a habit of collecting treasure, … Continue reading

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Y X-Men?

I saw X-Men: First Class the other day. I hadn’t planned on seeing it. I liked the first X-movies and the trend of going back in time in order to recast the old fogies as hot young things is a … Continue reading

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Why Blog?

Why Blog? I’m currently reading a biography of Montaigne. I think he would have been a big-time blogger. Probably even a Tweeter, but I’m not going there. The point of this attempt at blogging is to hone and practice my … Continue reading

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