Following My Friend

I wish I could write like my friend Indigo. He’s just started up his own blog and as happens whenever I read his writing, I was blown away by his style, his wit, and his fearless honesty. Unlike me, he isn’t afraid to throw open the door to his life and let you see his hopes, his fears, his strength, and his vulnerability. He’s always been like that, amazing and astonishing me from the very first. I find it incredibly affecting and powerful, the way he carts it all out there and lets us rummage through his experiences and emotions. His first post was about how everything that happens to us, good or bad, can be a valuable learning experience, and knowing him has been a huge one for me. No one has ever taught me so much about courage and facing challenges with humor and determination. He taught me the importance of being the hero of your own story by showing me how it’s done.

He also writes fabulous fantastical fiction. The title of his blog ‘Narrative City’ is the setting for many of his stories. He is as yet unpublished, but when that happens (as it will, dammit!) you’d best be sitting down, for the world will shift on its axis. He writes heroes that stride across the land in seven league boots, even as they are crushed beneath the weight of their terrible burdens. Abandon all your prevailing assumptions, for nothing is etched in black and white. His villains evoke sympathy, his monsters are tormented and yearn for love. And if you are paying attention, you will see yourself in all of them.

I wish I could write like that. I’ve been trying to discover his secrets for years now, but I think it really does come down to courage. To be unafraid to face your darkest fears, lift them up into the light, and let the winds scatter them like the weightless ashes they are.

Someday, Indi, I’ll get there. Just don’t ever stop writing.


About erikawilson

Aspiring author in search of a voice that other people will enjoy listening to.
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